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  • At Home Program

    At Home Program

    What a time we are living in. For many of us our daily routines have been changed, our social time is now on a screen or actually using the phone to make a call. Many of us are working from home or just trying to keep the kids engaged while figuring out a new routine for the time being. That being said, it's important to maintain daily movement. Daily movement is beneficial for our mental health just as much as our physical health. There is also the positive effects for sleep, appetite control as well as those feel good hormones your body creates when you exercise. Gentle movement such as yoga or mobility is a great strategy as well a full body strength and conditioning session. Our ....

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  • The CrossFit Open 2018 at West London CrossFit

    Coach Shokes Another Open season has come and gone for the majority of us and whether it was your first Open or sixth, week after week, every one of us rode that emotional roller coaster of being anxious, excited, nervous, hyped, all the way to accomplished, disappointed, proud and exhausted. Then we repeated that pattern for 5 whopping weeks in a row. For some, you might feel a little empty inside now that it’s over but for most a sense of relief that we can get back to our training and turn our focus to preparing for 2019. This year turned out to be the most exciting and successful Open at West London CrossFit with 108 athletes registered under our affiliate and countless more ....

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  • Fitness for the Kids! All you need to know about CrossFit Kids Program

    Coach Shoko If you’re a parent, you’re probably always looking for a good physical activity for your child. This can be a challenge especially when your child is not so into any sport. If you’re a CrossFitter, I’m sure you thought at one time or another, “I wish I had started this much earlier!!” no matter how old you were when you first started CrossFit. I totally get it. I am definitely one of those people. As a mother of three boys, I even wondered how I could introduce this amazing sport of fitness to my children so they don’t miss out. Well did you know that West London CrossFit offers CrossFit Kids classes to children as young as 5 ....

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  • Back to Basics

    By Emily Kategiannis Our Back 2 Basics 30 Day Challenge was of great success with 40 participants! Led and moderated by Coach Shoko and myself, we provided guidance, support and accountability to the group in order to assist them in reaching their goals. The thought behind this program was that each of us struggle with the concept of diet and exercise on some level especially with all of the information and misinformation available to us. I wanted to address the daily struggles for people and provide hands-on tips that were easy to apply no matter the lifestyle of the individual. Each participant received 2 individual coaching-mentor sessions, ....

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  • Choosing to Move

    By Coach Shokes • This past Canada Day, I was blessed to spend some time with two little nieces and a nephew we welcomed into our family last year. Anyone who has any experience with kids knows that the first years of life is quite fascinating to watch. My 1 year old niece was now walking around in full command of her little feet, there was no stopping her constantly exploring, while the 9 month-old twins were still stuck on the floor but able pull themselves up and poised to take their first steps alone. Seeing them I couldn’t stop thinking of this quote. Kids aren’t born stiff and then work on their flexibility for six months. Kids are pretty ....

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  • How I Won the CrossFit OPEN

    Brent Tiesma All right that’s not true. I wasn’t even close! Yet, I did win in a BIG way. This year, I went from 182 nd in Canada East to 43 rd overall and finished 4 th within the gym (from 27 th the year previously). More importantly, in all my years of doing CrossFit this was the first time I showed a drastic improvement in the sport of fitness. Crazy to think that this time last year I could barely string kipping T2B’s together. Not bad for a 44 year old. So how did I make this crazy progress and how can you, too? Well, it might surprise you but my results didn’t come from adding tons of days, volume or weight to my training. Rather, it ....

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  • May's Family of the Month 2017

    ATHLETE OF THE MONTH May's Family "Training at West London CrossFit is something we can do together as a family. The workouts are pre-set, the movements scalable, and the coaches fantastic. They are very patient about explaining the movements and challenging us, while still letting us go at our own pace". It was Christmas 2015 and the kids were all home for the holidays. Our oldest Amanda and her husband Ash, had just started CrossFit in Winnipeg and were loving it. So, they gave me (Jeff) the Gift of Awesome from WLCF as my Christmas present. As I relaxed back in my recliner I looked at Barb and asked, “Do you want to go with me?” Happily, Barb agreed. In ....

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  • Post Pregnancy Back Pain?

    3 main reasons you're experiencing back pain after child birth and what you can do to get rid of it! Coach Morgan Almost more than 50% of moms experience some sort of back pain postpartum. Whether it's lower back pain or upper back pain, it is common but doesn't need to be permanent! Here are three reason why you may be experiencing back pain and what we can do to help fix the problem. 1: Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Muscle Separation) Well firstly let's ask the question what is Diastasis Recti? Diastasis Recti is more commonly known as a separation within the abdominal wall. Your abdominal muscles run down the middle of your belly. They are ....

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  • What Drives CrossFit's Growth?


    In an ever-changing fitness industry what is the one constant inside CrossFit boxes that has fueled its unparalleled growth over the last 10 years? What is it that so draws people into this environment and makes them such rabid CrossFit fans? Above the programming, competition, challenging WOD's it always comes back to community
    . No matter the size of the facility, we are all creating the same sense of inclusivity and family. The emphasis on community is changing the mental and physical health of the members for the better. From the words of our members as to why they love training and being part of the the community here at WLCF: “It’s a sense of a ....

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