The CrossFit Open 2018 at West London CrossFit

Coach Shokes

Another Open season has come and gone for the majority of us and whether it was your first Open or sixth, week after week, every one of us rode that emotional roller coaster of being anxious, excited, nervous, hyped, all the way to accomplished, disappointed, proud and exhausted. Then we repeated that pattern for 5 whopping weeks in a row. For some, you might feel a little empty inside now that it’s over but for most a sense of relief that we can get back to our training and turn our focus to preparing for 2019.

This year turned out to be the most exciting and successful Open at West London CrossFit with 108 athletes registered under our affiliate and countless more simply doing the workouts for fun!

None of the Open workouts were easy. Each WOD Castro threw our way forced us out of our comfort zones, challenged us with new skills, heavy weights or just a sheer amount of volume. Completing all 5 of them, regardless of Rx’d or scaled, is quite an achievement. Give yourself a pat on the back and high fives all around, especially if you were one of the 79 athletes who successfully submitted scores each and every week. A few athletes even went on vacation and completed the workout as drop-ins at other affiliates in the area. Crazily enough, quite a lot of members chose to redo some of the workouts to better their scores.

And of course, so many first time Rx workouts, first Toes to Bar/Muscle Up/Double Unders/Chest to Bar/Pull up/Handstand Push up/Handstand Walk not to mention PR’s in the Clean, PR on the repeat workout. Since there are too many to mention, share your amazing achievement with our West London CrossFit Insider’s Facebook Group Page.

Lastly, big thank you to all the members who participated in Friday Night Lights and helped judge and support their fellow athletes. Every rep you counted, every cheer you yelled, weights changed, wounds attended, advice given and picking each other up off the floor – did not go unnoticed. Without you, these 5 weeks wouldn’t have been this awesome. Thank you.

While everyone did amazingly, here are some notable finishes from the Canada East leaderboard worth mentioning. If you see these athletes give them a high five and say congrats!

Daniel Viger finished in the 13th in the Individual Men in Canada East and will be going to the East Regionals in May. Good luck in the next phase of training and looking forward to witnessing your amazing fitness in Albany.

In the Individual Women, Coach Lacey finished in the 45th in Canada East. She will continue to prepare for the Functional Fitness National Championship held in Markham in July.

  • Nick Kinney 14th • Boys 16-17
  • Brent Tiesma 28th • Men 45-49
  • Harry Evans 31st • Boys 14-15
  • Greta Downing 34th • Women 60+
  • Shoko Tiesma 39th • Women 40-44
  • Linc Zhang 41st • Boys 16-17
  • Matthew Wright 45th • Boys 14-15
  • Karen Murphy 46th • Women 55-59
  • Ashley Wright 55th • Girls 16-17
  • Jacquie Richards 56th • Women 35-39
  • Charlie Liu 57th • Boys 16-17
  • Joel Richards 58th • Men 35-39
  • John McGlynn 92nd • Men 40-44

The Open is such an amazing opportunity to test your fitness, to learn your strengths, to learn your weaknesses, to build friendships and to grow as an athlete and a person. Congratulations and see you next year!

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