Post Pregnancy Back Pain?

3 main reasons you're experiencing back pain after child birth and what you can do to get rid of it!

Coach Morgan






Almost more than 50% of moms experience some sort of back pain postpartum. Whether it's lower back pain or upper back pain, it is common but doesn't need to be permanent! Here are three reason why you may be experiencing back pain and what we can do to help fix the problem. 


1: Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Muscle Separation)


Well firstly let's ask the question what is Diastasis Recti? 

Diastasis Recti is more commonly known as a separation within the abdominal wall. Your abdominal muscles run down the middle of your belly. They are connected together by tissue called the linea alba. When we are with child our tummy expands which creates a lot of pressure on the linea alba. The linea alba holds the right and left side of our abdominal muscles together. With so much pressure on that tissue it is common for it to tear or even separate completely. We often hear the term "mommy tummy". The "mommy tummy" happens when the separation does not close after pregnancy. The stretching of these muscles is completely natural and should go back together on its own. The problem happens when the muscles haven't attached back together. 

This can then lead to lower back pain. When our core muscles are not strong enough to support our spine our body collapses. This will causes our spine to round and become strained creating pain in our lower back. 


By re-strengthening our abdominal muscles and allowing those muscles to reattach can help a lot with decreasing lower back pain. 

Having a Personal trainer who understands these issues can help figure out how intense the separation is and program exercises for you to reattach these muscles. 


2: Are you taking the right supplements?


Supplements or vitamins are very important for helping our body recover faster and allowing it to function the way it’s supposed to. One major supplement you should be taking that can help with back pain is omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils). This supplement in particular is very important as it can help ease the pain because it acts as a natural inflammatory. 


3: How you carry your child can relate to back pain. 


We've all done it or still do it! We carry our children on our hips or carry their car seat from our one side. I know I've done it! 

From what I've read and tried on my own, the best way to carry your child if they are younger than 6 months to avoid back pain would be to still keep them at your side, having them wrap their legs around your front and back but to hold them more with our bicep and less on our forearms, hands and wrists. This allows your shoulders to stay open and avoids tension in the nerves around your neck. 


When they are older than 6 months holding them on your front, making sure your shoulders are not rounding forward and your back is not over arching will help keep a stronger posture and help reduce back pain. 


This also goes along with carrying their car seat. When we carry the car seat to one side we are allowing our body to be pulled in an unnatural position, which will cause us some problems down the road with our spine. Carrying the car seat in front of you with both hands just above your waist and shoulders back not rolled forward. This will help with a lot of imbalances. 


Exercises that strengthen our back, arms and shoulders will help us tremendously with easing the back pain and allowing us to hold our children with little to no pain! 

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