What Drives CrossFit's Growth?


In an ever-changing fitness industry what is the one constant inside CrossFit boxes that has fueled its unparalleled growth over the last 10 years? What is it that so draws people into this environment and makes them such rabid CrossFit fans?

Above the programming, competition, challenging WOD's it always comes back to community. No matter the size of the facility, we are all creating the same sense of inclusivity and family. The emphasis on community is changing the mental and physical health of the members for the better.

From the words of our members as to why they love training and being part of the the community here at WLCF:


“It’s a sense of a supportive family, it’s like a home away from home. That’s why I hang out here so much outside of class time. It’s a place where your friends bring you coffee and ask how your morning is going. You don’t spend an extra 2 hours at the gym after a workout at a big box gym.”


“We build each other up and we have healthy, friendly competition. We are a support system for each other inside and outside the gym.”


“Not only do I have people in my life now that will ALWAYS build me up but I have people who are not afraid to push me, tell me the truth, and set me straight when I need it. I love our community in that we are a support system in every aspect. They become family.


“There is a sense of unity, everyone is genuinely interested in everyone’s success in and outside of the gym. Everyone’s kids interact, the sense of belonging. The sense of community drives you to keeping coming back. The confidence from what you learn in here drives you to take it out into the real world and apply it to everyday life. There are life lessons to be learned inside our community, to share that with my children is essential.”


“It’s the group setting, the friendliness of the gym. You automatically fit in, there is no exclusion. Whether it’s your first day or you are a seasoned athlete, you are a part of the family.”


“Gymnastics class, there is a unique feeling within this specialty class that regardless of the level you’re at you are all working together to achieve the same goal. We really have the opportunity to develop all skills in a safe trustworthy environment.


“The fact that you can come in and you can push yourself, everyday tasks are that much easier because you have already pushed yourself to do what you thought was impossible”


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