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Well, it’s that time of year again! We are about to embark on the largest global fitness event, the CrossFit OPEN! For the <1%, this is the start of a competitive season in the sport. BUT, for the other over 324,000+ participants it is about being apart of and connecting with the global CrossFit community.
Now there are a few interactions I have been over hearing in the gym that carry some common themes. Let’s cut to the chase and hash out these misconceptions that may steer us in the direction of averting the Open all together.
“I don’t have time.”
Classic! The Open consists of 5 workouts over the course of 5 weeks, each event with an allowance of four days to complete as many times as you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. Plus, we are doing them as our training session on Fridays anyways! So, you might as well sign up and submit your score. Submitting a score doesn’t need to be about completing, but it is to be part of a global fitness movement!
“I’m not an athlete, I can’t do all the movements.”
Yes, you are. We're all athletes.
Also, with the addition of the Scaled division last year and the new 35-39 Masters category, the OPEN has become even more accessible to athletes of every level. We’ve seen many athletes get their first muscle up, first double-under or PR a lift during the 5 weeks of OPEN workouts. Just enjoy the journey. The buzz in the gym during these weeks is so awesome to be part of!!
“This is just fitness, I’m not here to compete.”
Totally, I get it. We agree that fitness doesn’t NEED to be, and for some should not be, a competition. There’s a hard line between fitness for health and performance. It is important to communicate with your coach to be sure the effort you are putting in aligns with your personal values as they pertain to your fitness. Signing up for the OPEN does not mean you are signing off on sacrificing your fitness goals for 5 weeks. In the other 167 hours a week you will be training, eating, and recovering according to your goals just like you have been all year!  
“I’m too new to CrossFit. I’ll do it next year.”
Come on, man! Lets reflect back on the emotions connected to when you walked in on day 1 of OnRamp. If you had never made the decision to start, you wouldn’t be as far as you are now! Don’t be afraid of being a beginner! WE ALL HAD OUR FIRST OPEN EXPERIENCE! Just like we all went through OnRamp. It is a feeling we have all shared, and a part of the bond that brings our community closer. We all know what it feels like and support everyone through it. Just like everything else!

If well look hard enough, we will always find a million reasons NOT to do something. But if we shift our mentality and internal dialogue we can live free of fear and toward ascension to our highest self. This is another opportunity to live in this way.
SO! Go sign up for the OPEN and enjoy the journey!

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