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In our current model for society it is very easy to fall into a trap of “BUSY”. It is easy to place blame on how busy we are. It’s become very fashionable. It’s very common for conversation to quickly shift from positivity to a competition of who has a busier life. Negative attention is easy to get; and a good venting session might leave you feeling temporarily liberated from the monotonous tasks and processes of your day.

But… will it help you in long-term success…?


Typically, the first elements of health to be forgotten in your busy days are our food hygiene and daily intake profile.  These two elements are:

1) Hygiene = how our food is made, where it is made, how is it enjoyed, where it is enjoyed

2) Daily Intake Profile = what we are eating, the quality of that food, and amount of that food


I made a recent post on my personal coaching page about a topic that I can’t shake from my mind as I write this article for you. It went like this:


"The mother of motivation is choice" - Brendon Burchard


Every state, emotion, mood, thought, action is a choice. Embracing the personal freedom you have and taking accountability for your choices will transcend you from a life driven by fear to a life driven by passion. We can choose our aim. If we choose to be motivated toward this aim we will find a desire for action.


So when I hear dialogue like "I'm not feeling it today", or "I would do this BUT...", or "I used to do this, or that...", I will always challenge it.  As you should! It would be an upgraded perspective if we said, "I'm not using my conscious thought to focus on positivity and designing my ideal reality", or "I have chosen to focus my energy in another area instead of accomplishing that goal" or, "I'm allowing my unconscious impulses to drive my behaviour instead of acting from a conscious intent to improve."

As athletes, as human beings, your internal dialogue will shape your reality.


"We mustn't let our dreams die in the daylight because we lose focus while responding to the worlds lame interests or false emergencies"


Never take your focus from your goals by getting distracted.  Those who lack motivation or are threatened by yours have been inattentive to their own ambitions.


"Greatness belongs to those who have mastered the ability to focus relentlessly on their ambitions and act decisively toward them"




The post speaks so closely to the message in this article in the fact that if people are saying they are characteristically skipping meals, eating processed foods, and spending no time on food preparation the reason is simply that it is not a high priority for them.


Am I saying that it HAS to be a high priority? No, I am not. What I am saying though is that we need to accept responsibility for our life. Playing the victim will never transcend us to higher power, to greater consciousness, or to success in health and life.


I have some tips for you that I hope can assist in your ascension to a higher level of health and personal freedom.


Tip #1- Be AWARE - create a higher value system for your food hygiene and intake. Change is uncomfortable. But being ill or unwell is more uncomfortable.


Tip #2 – BE MINDFUL - proper digestion and sufficient digestion of food is important to mental acuity, energy levels, solid workouts, and metabolism. PLEASE, sit down and chew your food. Think about the food you are eating and be thankful for the opportunity and availability of the nutrients you are taking in. Now, this may sound a little WOO-WOO ish but lets be honest… not everyone in the world has the availability of nutrients and sustenance we do. That is something that cannot be overlooked! We are so fortunate!!


Tip #3- BE ACTION BASED - create an action plan including how to prepare, ingest, and CHEW you food. Be conscious of what you are eating. An awareness task would be to write down the amount of time you spend waiting in line for food compared to how long it takes to cook a meal from a space of love and care. It will be VERY similar.


Tip #4- BE PREPARED - sometimes life throws a curveball. If we are prepared for it we do not need to have reactionary responses. We have a plan set. For example, if you know your day is going to be long we have the ability and power to wake up earlier and have a larger feeding window in the morning. Snacking on healthy options throughout the day and focusing on our hydration levels will ensure proper blood sugar and energy management in your busiest of times!



What I am proposing to you is more about creating a foundation of healthy awareness than it is about food. Understanding that we are the creator of our reality will allow us to take ownership over our health and wellness. An excuse will always be there if we look outward for motivation or approval.


During this Holiday Season it is important to remind yourself to be here, now.


“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up somewhere else.” – Yogi Berra



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