November Kids '16

Athletes of the Month •
The Wright Kids |

"The best gym ever!! Everyone is so nice, caring, loving and extremely supportive -- no matter the age. If you can’t do an exercise, the coaches will help you find something that you can do." - Ashley


The Wrights are the youngest members of our group class training program and they are determined to being the best versions of themselves. They are truly amazing and are part of our growing teen community.

Ashley & Matt joined our program to become stronger and both have achieved that goal and continue to acquire new skills. They love the early morning classes as well as being able to get here after school for a class.

The best part of the coach led classes for Matt is that he enjoys the variety of movements and that it isn’t just focused on one muscle group. He loves having a coach push him with positive encouragement to finish each workout. Ashley likes that she sees and feels the progression of increasing her weights and that the coaches monitor her lifting techniques. Great work, guys!


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