Making the Impossible - POSSIBLE

Do these sound familiar?

• “I’ve ALWAYS been un-coordinated…I’ve never been able to touch my toes… “

• “I’m JUST the fat kid… the skinny kid... the jock… the artsy kid”

These are common examples of partial completions that I hear in the gym...

My question to you is this:

Are you accepting “partial completions” in your life?

Taking the Impossible and making it POSSIBLE is an exceptional and terrifying realization. A common example I see of this is skill work in fitness; specifically, the ability to jump rope is one of those skills.

The story goes like this…

“I have never been able to skip, even as a kid. It is IMPOSSIBLE” 

The first piece to advancement in anything is the intent to actually improve. This is followed by a realization that practice makes progress. Then through practicing, and reflecting, and practicing, and reflecting, and practicing, and progressing, all of a sudden the IMPOSSIBLE becomes POSSIBLE.

WHOA! WHAT?  At one point you thought this was “impossible”.


So, now if the impossible is possible, then, what else is POSSIBLE in your life?


I find it helps me to think about the reality of what is happening right now in this moment. Somehow, through wonders of technology and cyber-space we are connected and are sharing thoughts and ideas from what could be anywhere in the cosmos… Trippy. But, REAL! Imagine going back in time and telling your great-great-great grandma that this was going to be POSSIBLE and I can guarantee she would laugh in your face and say in is totally IMPOSSIBLE. Remember that!


If you have been successful there, and you created that… why can't you be successful at anything you wanted?


You’ve chosen that you do not want to succeed in that area. YOU did that. Think about that and understand it.


First, realize your baseline. Understand it and feel it, because that is your current form. If you are unwell, it is because you are acting as a person who is unwell.

Next step is to reflect on where in your life have you had success. You CHOSE that. YOU created that success through a drive of action. Your reality is the compounded result of your choices. That is the truth. It has become fashionable to accept mediocrity as like a genetic pre-disposition that cannot be changed.

I challenge that. We cannot say that anything is impossible. Think about your great-great-great grandmas world... I mean come on… Now think about what your great-great-great grandkids will have access to. Possibilities are infinite. The infinity extends to your health and wellness, as well as anything in your life; relationships, mindfulness, fitness, work are all included in this as well.

Internal dialogue often comes out in communicate opportunities and although the reasons may be varied, the results are often very similar. Our society generally loves drama and conflict; just turn on your local news station and that will become very clear. In a nutshell, negative attention is easy to get. And we LOVE it.Coach Jesse

The feeling of happiness that creates inside me is so amazing. Being part of so many individual success stories is what brings me fulfillment in my day.


Thank you reading. I appreciate all of you, 

Coach Jesse


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