Pokemon GO -- AWAY

Why you shouldn't wanna catch them all!

By Coach Jesse •


“In this conformist silence there is nothingness – no sound of life, no pulsing and cracking and thunder of individuality”

WOWZA! Coming in heavy this month.


As I’m sure we have all heard by now, we have another new amazing advance in social technology. Don’t get me wrong right of the bat… I am truly amazed at what we are capable of creating and communicating to the masses at an amazing pace. I believe this new game carries many positives… Movement, social interaction, a sense of accomplishment and belonging to something bigger… It’s cool, no doubt.


However (and I can feel the burning stakes already heading my way) it is time to step outside of this game, of your amused self, and look at it from an opposing view.


Here it goes.


It is concerning that the never-ending distraction in the modern (and advancing, REALLY fast) world is stealing purpose and personal progress from our lives. It is seemingly a time where many of us risk being emotionally addicted to our technology. It is crazy to me that these devices are able to control us more than we control them, even though they lack soul or intent. That is crazy to me.


Hours of our days seep into checking in, updating, and swiping. We are constantly in a wave of digital information that we rarely consciously enter. Think of how many times you check your Facebook or any other social media purely due to FOMO (that’s a hip way of saying Fear Of Missing Out, apparently).


This phenomenon is so real that there are actual many terms created to describe it… Browser Blackout, App Amnesia… Etc. CRAZY!


My favourite description of this craze in the modern world is by Brendon Burchard:


“In this age of the quantified self, we measure how many hours we slept, steps we took, calories burned, pages we viewed. We document our every personal move in photos and videos. Yet we know nothing about ourselves. We spend more time checking our stats than our souls. We mine our life experience for data but not depth. We have all these numbers to improve but no idea how to dial back the numbness. As much as we check in, we are checking out of our own lives and becoming voyeuristic, peering gape-mouthed into the sordid details of the other people lives in order to feel connected or entertained.”


Remember, this isn’t just about Pokemon Go. This article is talking about the big picture.


Ask yourself this:


“Have I directed myself purposefully so that I can live my highest truth and serve my highest good?”


Lets all start checking in this way, because when it comes down to it, these are the only measures that really matter.

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