A little R&R - Recovery from a Coach's view

Coach Lacey •

Recovery and rest: A Coach’s perspective 


I woke up this morning feeling tired and groggy. The last thing I wanted to do was pick up a barbell, as it felt like my body would be crushed under the weight. Rest or Recover?...Long night last night? Worked too late? Not enough sleep? Whatever the reason is, you cannot control that there will be days you wake up feeling "off ". I know I have been guilty of allowing myself to slide when this feeling creeps in. If we are to allow ourselves to sit back and wait for this feeling to pass, we may lose ourselves to self-doubt to get back in the gym and spiral into a pattern. 


As a coach I am not above this feeling; like you and everyone else have days that challenge me physically and emotionally to put on my Nano’s and pick up the barbell. There is something very emotional about feeling like your body can't keep up to your drive. This is where proper rest days and Active Recovery come into play. Think of your rest day not as a day to lounge but as a day to heal. Your body is asking for what it needs and it is up to us as the athlete to listen and treat it accordingly. We give it 100% when we train, so we also need to give it 100% when we recover. It is during this time of recovery that we develop a physiological change in the structure of our muscle; this is a key to success no matter what your goals are. 


If you are someone who works better adhering to a schedule, active recovery is your best approach. We have a board specifically assigned to active recovery days to make sure our members are staying on track even when their bodies are telling them to take a day off. If you are one who struggles to follow your healthy eating plan without daily movement, come out to the gym on a "rest day" and follow the active recovery on the board to boost your endorphins. 


Here are a few recovery ideas for those days that just don't feel quite right.


1- Self-Myofascial release (SMR) - Foam rolling, lacrosse balls, other various torture devices we provide.  Aim for 30 s per area working from the lower extremities to the upper. 

2- ROMWOD-  Range of motion WOD, averaging around 20 mins, ROMWOD is a guided program that gets you into those sticky stretches and keeps you company for those longer stretches. This is a program we provide all our members.

3-Active Recovery Programming- Additional programming by Coach Jesse designed for those who may have some limitations or need a lighter workout for the day. Check out the Active recovery board for details.

4- Get outside! – It’s summer, get outside and move your bones! Go for a walk, a hike, or swimming. Swimming is an excellent form of active recovery as it is low impact yet still can be aerobic or anaerobic in nature. 

5-YOGA- get your sweat on with some hot Yoga, mobility wise this will only benefit you in getting deeper in your squat!

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