My Brain is Fried...

Coach Jesse •

Most people will tell you that water is important to health.

If we know this, why is it that many don’t implement it into their daily routine?


Is it too inexpensive?

Is it too simple?

Is it not “flashy” enough?


Water does not require a prescription, although it may be easy to persuade an individual to comply if it did…


Although most of our body’s structures (70% water by weight), our energy, and chemical reactions require water, it is still an essential nutrient because our bodies do not have the capacity to produce a sufficient quantity for healthy, optimal function. Everything from cell regeneration, digestion, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, metabolism, and temperature regulation (the list can go on all day… in a nutshell… EVERYTHING) are completely dependent on adequate hydration.


There is a common misconception that we only need water when we are feeling thirsty. Truth is, once you have a feeling of thirst, you are already dehydrated.


Deficiencies in mind and body function are reduced with as little as a 2% deficit in body fluid levels. Studies have shown that this 2% loss has decreased both physical and cognitive performance by 20%!! Mental symptoms such as decreased memory, anxiety, insomnia, and depression also show links to cellular dehydration.


I guess the expression “ my brain is fried”, may be more factual than we thought!


For most of us the process of dehydration is gradual, taking place over a number of years much like all regression in health and wellness markers. Keep that in mind as you gradually increase you water intake and hydration levels.


So, next time you are feeling run down, have a headache, tired, preforming poorly at work or in the gym (especially in the heat of summer) reach for a tall glass of water before exploring other options. It may just be that simple.

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