Ms. March '16




"I really like working out in a group.  Everyone is working towards the same end and it’s great to share the hour with like-minded people."

In her mid-forties, Karen slipped a disc in her back and was having a hard time moving around. After discussions with health professionals she realized that the only way to stay mobile was to move more. She joined a gym and made working out part of her life.  A couple of years ago she saw West London CrossFit at the Home Show.  So impressed by the girls lifting heavy weights that she wanted to try it too!

She signed up, did OnRamp and since starting at WLCF she’s so much stronger!  She can open jars with ease, do 5 pull-ups no sweat and is now working on hand stands! #dropthemic 

Karen loves the  coaches at WLCF since they give direction, encouragement and modify movements to fit each individual’s needs. They help motivate the entire class. 

Karen loves West London CrossFit because she leaves the gym in a better place than when she came in. She jokes that looking better naked is what truly motivates her to come to those early morning classes as that knowledge alone will make moving through her fifties much easier to handle.

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