Ms. May '16


Maureen 'MOE' Murphy •

“I love the attention that the Coaches give to each person to make sure they are doing everything in a correct and safe way."


 ‘Moe’ got her start at WLCF at the suggestion of her chiropractor back in 2014. She wanted to exercise more consistently but didn’t want to join another ‘global’ gym. Since she was nervous about lifting weights, she started out with private sessions to learn what it was all about until she was confident enough to start attending classes. Now, Maureen is more fit and has more endurance than she’s had for a very long time. When she started the 22lb bar was a struggle now she’s doing all the lifts and completing the WODs. Looking back, Maureen will say that she had every excuse not to join. “I had back surgery.” “I had foot surgery “. I can’t do this.” “I’m in my late sixties!” “I won’t be able to keep up! But she can! With the expert guidance of the staff, Maureen has found that she can do almost every movement and surprisingly really enjoys it.

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