No Gym? No problem!

By Coach Lacey |

Everyone knows the feeling of being away from and feeling guilty because they haven’t been training. While there’s no need to feel guilty for taking a few days off (taking real rest can be advantageous in fact), if you feel the need to chase the pump while at a hotel, a cottage, or somewhere hot and sunny we’ve got you covered.

Your options for training while away are limited only by your imagination and willingness to step out of the box (pun intended). First off, you can always drop in to a gym nearby wherever you are. CrossFit gyms are spreading like (super awesome) weeds, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one to visit. Many gyms will even allow you to buy a t-shirt in lieu of a drop in fee, so it’s really a no lose situation. If you can’t make it to a nearby CrossFit gym, most hotels will have a gym of some sort. These are generally limited to a treadmill, dumbbells and a flat bench, but don’t let that stop you! There are literally hundreds of hotel WODs available online, I’ve listed a couple sites below for reference:



For the most part, these will be CrossFit Mainsite style WODs. So, prior to hitting one of these bad boys, some strength work is probably in order. With just Dumbbells, you have a slew of options for strength training. Think goblet squats, lunges, rear foot elevated split squats, DB Bench, bent over rows, DB snatch, DB cleans, the list goes on. If you choose, you may even be able to emulate, with some adjustments, the programming in Wodify for the day.

If you aren’t in a hotel and don’t have access to a gym, look to your surroundings. Stairs can be found nearly everywhere and can provide a fun challenge. Bring some plyometrics into the mix (box jumps, depth jumps, broad jumps) if you can. Bodyweight movements can be done nearly everywhere – squats, push-ups, walking lunges, etc.

So, whether you are at the cottage for the weekend, in Milwaukee for work, or visiting creepy Uncle Sal in Bobcaygeon, you can get a swell on with a little bit of google-fu and some ingenuity.

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