Mr. June '16



"Having a solid program led by a coach that not only shows proper technique but also motivates you throughout the workout is the best part of WLCF."

 Chris was sitting with a co-worker at a business function and mentioned to him that I wanted to get back into shape.  Chris explained that he found it hard to motivate himself to workout without having a set program or time to do it.  Fortunately, his co-worker was none other than Coach George and after George told him about CrossFit, recommended Chris try OnRamp to see if it was for him. Of course, once through the door, Chris has never looked back.   Since joining, Chris’s endurance and strength training has improved immensely.  He looks forward to working out each day and is constantly motivated to challenge himself with encouragement from the coaches and the West London CrossFit community. Besides, the programming is excellent; he loves the structured classes and different time options throughout the day.   On the fence? Chris recommends signing up for On Ramp and jumping right in!

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