The Long Game Approach

Another month has come and gone. With that, we have had another excited, enthusiastic, and optimistic group graduating from our OnRamp program at West London CrossFit and a brand new crew coming in to start their own fitness journey.

I make it my priority throughout OnRamp to preach the “Long Game Approach”.

This prescription can be upgraded for years based on function.

We are not focusing on a day-to-day cookie cutter prescription… offering this discount, that for free, do this and we will bribe you with rainbows and unicorns… you get the idea… That is NOT what we are in the fitness industry for.  We want real results for real people over time.  Systems that are proven true and successful month after month, year after year, as we constantly upgrade our prescription and what we stand for and our community grows with us.

Okay, bringing it back!

Going from A to Z directly results in many missed steps that are crucial for long-term success. This is not possible in anything else in life either (until teleportation becomes possible). It is important that the focus stays on the process and finding happiness within that. With happiness comes success, not the other way around. Think about that.

During OnRamp we continually pass along information that creates clarity around fitness and our methodology at West London CrossFit.  It is important to us that our athletes understand exactly who we are as a facility in order to ensure this is a good fit for them personally.

One example of this for you, the reader, can be this:

Let’s create a distinction between HEALTH and PERFORMANCE as a focus in training!

HEALTH = movement, sleep quality, good energy, libido, good recovery, optimization of hormone levels and nervous system function

PERFORMANCE = is about sacrificing some level of health in the pursuit optimal performance.

So, from that, what is your purpose in training? Understand that we can easily switch back and forth between the two.

It’s all about LONGEVITY. We are a community that values fitness… long term. 

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