5 Tips for New Year Success (and overall awesomeness)

1. Prioritize your life.

If your health is not a priority for you on a daily basis, starting to focus on it during one of the times of year full of the most temptation, judgment and negative reinforcement is a terrible idea. Come on, we all know it happens… the passive aggressive family member mumbling, “Oh, you’re gonna eat that?” 

So, can you go about prioritizing your life?

Start by determine your PERSONAL VALUES by asking these questions:

o How do you fill your personal space?

o How do you spend time?

o How do you spend your money? Energy? 

o Where do you have the most order and organization?

o What is your internal dialogue? 

o What are you most consistent long-term goals?

It will be clear. The answers that come up most often in these questions are what you value most in your life at this time. There is no denying that. Remember the 
saying, “You are what you repeatedly do.”

Okay, cool… so what now? 

2. Be clear in your intentions. 

Start with noticing… noticing what answers present themselves most often… then explain WHY? 

For example, why do you have your cell phone on your hip 24 hours a day (how do you fill your personal space)? 

Are you using the phone to communicate with loved ones? Are you spending an hour on Instagram, and I’m talking accumulative throughout the day… 5 minutes 
here, 10 minutes there (how do you spend your time?) PS I just found your time for a solid training session at West London CrossFit!!
Time for some goal setting!! Making your goals about your daily behaviours will lead to greater success long term when compared to creating outcome goals.

Behavior= I will go to West London CrossFit Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening at 5pm to train.

Outcome= I will lose/gain 20 lbs by June.

Setting behavior goals creates personal accountability. Your ability to stick to the goals you have set for yourself will determine your success. Whereas, the outcome goal of losing 20lbs opens opportunity for excuses, blame, negative self talk, and energy spent in areas that will not lead to success in reaching that goal anyways. 
I like to compare this as in most cases the outcome goal is a side effect of the behavior goal. 

3. Create a forward path 

I have found that, much like any business, creating a personal mission statement along with personal core values can help shape this path. It is important above anything else to be sure of the person you are to help you through times that may not be all sunshine and rainbows. 

Here is an example of a personal mission statement (it is mine):

“To create an environment of infinite growth and success”

This is written on my whiteboard in my room so I see it every day.  

Here are my business core values (note these are not my PERSONAL core values):

o coaching through a balance of challenge and support

o holding professional and consistent structure

o commitment to growth

o live through my passion for fitness

o earn respect in the community

Okay, so here’s the deal. Now that you have this in place, stick to them! If you don’t, they weren’t actually yours anyway; you may have just liked the sound of it or how it made you feel when you thought about it. 

Why is this in the “5 Tips to New Year Success (and overall awesomeness)” article?! 

Simple! If you take time to create this for yourself it is exponentially easier to stay in line with what is important to you. You will find you are happier in all that you do because you are doing what you are most passionate about. 

4. Control your approach 

Let’s keep this one short and to the point:

 Check yourself before you wreck yourself

 just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD

 some days are hard, others are easy.. easy days are harder to control 

 Don’t go from 0 to 10 sessions a week. Or unhealthy patterns to 100% 

 Avoid the “elimination” mindset

 You aren’t depriving yourself of anything… so shut it.

 Do it for you! 

5. Create a positive, supporting community 

The easiest way to find this is to become a part of the West London CrossFit community (if you aren’t already). But what about when you aren’t at the gym?  It is paramount that you create a solid support system support system. 

Try this: 

A)Find people you trust. I believe in this explanation of what makes someone trustworthy:

Trust= competency (know what you know and don’t know) + reliability 
(promises capable of keeping… don’t promise what I can’t) + caring (balance challenge and support)

B) eliminate blame and negative energy

C) surround yourself with awesome, positive people

D) be sure these people share your passions and understand your goals yourself clean patterns… especially during the holidays

Alright everyone, lets wrap this up. I hope you leave reading this article with lots of questions for yourself. Anyone who knows me understands that I love seeing people 
find success and happiness in their life. This will NOT come from me telling you 5 random health facts and hope that you can maybe try them in the new year. You could of just “Googled” that. I want you to be accountable to your success. I truly believe that the 5 points discussed above are essential to ensure long-term success, LIFE TIME success in health. Please, take the time to do this. And yes, this is very uncomfortable to do. But you will find great value in it.

Be sure to share your stories!

Coach Jesse

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