Move By Design - Dynamic Mobility

Why is Dynamic Mobility so important?

Our lives are filled with daily stressors like sitting at desks, driving, working on computers, watching TV, even toxic food and emotional chaos contribute to the poor movement patterns seen in the average human. We’ve progressively become less active and this change for the worse has placed us into environments that are pushing our species away from its natural design and the flourishing state of health we deserve.

Dynamic Mobility helps restore our range of motion at each joint by activating proper neurological patterns that occur naturally with movement. This allows us to move into deeper positions and ranges of motion that would not be possible with simple static stretching.

These activation exercises awaken muscles that become amnesic from sitting on our butts all day and perpetuating poor posture. (forward head posture, hyperkyphosis, rounded shoulder, anterior pelvic tilt)

It’s time to get moving! Dr. Joel takes you through a series of movements that will mobilize and activate specific muscles getting you ready for the day or the workout that lies ahead. Dynamic Mobility can be done at the beginning of all train sessions or everyday if your mobility is limited.

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