Move By Design - Foam Rolling

It’s time to tenderize the meat.

In Step Two of Move By Design – foam & lacrosse ball rolling – we aim to restore integrity to the myofascial system.

Through injury, disuse and/or excessive stressors on an already unhealthy structure the myofascial system can breakdown, develop adaptive scar tissue and even become stuck. Foam rolling can aid in the release of these adhesions and scar tissues, slowly restoring integrity to the myofascial system and along with the self repair processes of the body, return us to a more functional state.

In this detailed video, Dr. Joel (J$) demonstrates the techniques used at the SC before and after training. Rolling should be done 3-5 times a week before training or if you are de-conditioned, it should be done everyday.

Foam rollers come in all different shapes in sizes. The cheapest is a small piece of 4″-6″ diameter & 18″ length PVC pipe, but be careful if you are a newbie as this may be a little intense. The SC, Cafe of Life and Gainsborough Family Chiropractic should have high density foam rollers & lacrosse balls in stock later this week for purchase.

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