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George Winsor

Forte: CrossFit, Endurance & 5am Classes

George has always been interested in health and fitness including long distance running, cycling, and participating in countless sports activities. His passion for health continued into college where although he did not pursue a formal education in the field, he was often asked by his peers to write training programs. In his 20’s and early 30’s, George continued to be a regular in the gym, and loved testing the limits of his endurance by competing in long distance runs. But by his mid-30’s the responsibility of a busy work schedule, the birth of his two children, and other personal responsibilities slowly pulled him away from his normally healthy and active lifestyle. Three years and 35 unhealthy pounds later, George realized that a change needed to be made. But he was tired of the normal “Big Box” gym routine and while he loved running, he wasn’t convinced that was the answer. A friend introduced him to CrossFit and he decided to give it a try. He started the OnRamp program and shortly after started Eating By Design.

Fast forward to today and his passion for health and fitness is stronger than ever. He feels strongly that Eating By Design, and training that aligns with CrossFit’s fundamental principles is the key to achieving optimal health. He finds great satisfaction in helping others achieve their fitness goals, and accomplish things they never thought they would.

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